Are you frustrated that your website or landing page isn’t generating as many leads as you want?
If so, pay close attention and keep reading. You’re in for a treat today!
Because in this short read, you will discover 4 tips to make landing pages that convert.
But first, a disclaimer…
The tips I’m about to give you proven. They are not generic marketing tips pulled from other blogs. They work. We know this because we’ve used them on ourselves, and our clients.

Create an irresistible offer

For some reason, many people believe successful advertising comes down to more exposure.
Not true!
Successful advertising campaigns come down to research and a great offer.
But this is where most business owners go wrong and fall into what I call… Discountitis!
Meaning, they think a 5% promotion is a good offer. But in reality, it’s being lazy.
And not only is it lazy, but it’s also detrimental to your business success.
Let me explain…
When you introduce discounts, you make less money. On top of that, you train your customers to buy only based on price. This is a losing game because you’re treating your service as a commodity.
And unfortunately for many SMB’s, this is the reason they crumble to the ground. Discounts are not a sustainable form of marketing.
Instead, introduce an offer that adds value. This allows you to deliver more to the client, and keep your profits…
They’re happy because they feel like they got a deal, and you’re happy because you’re still making good money. This works especially well if your value-add is almost free on your end to deliver for them.
Spend considerable time creating the best offer you can. If you succeed in creating a great offer, your marketing campaign is more likely to succeed.
To learn more about how to create amazing offers, watch old infomercials. Products like ShamWow or Oxi-Clean are definitely great examples. Especially for creating offers that sell!
Yes, they may seem a bit corny… But they work. There’s a reason many of these ads are still running today. They’re very good at stacking value and creating a dramatic drop in perceived price.

Create a Punchy, Relevant & Clear Headline

The headline on your landing page is critical if you want visitors to become a lead. Yet, lots of people make the mistake of slapping a headline together last minute. The opposite is true. Actually, you should spend 80% of your time on the headline alone.
Because if your headline doesn’t get attention, no one is going to want to read the rest of your website.
David Ogilvy, the Father of Advertising, said 80% of people read the headline first. Then make the decision if they should continue reading or not.
And this is why you must take the time to create a strong headline
Now, I’m not going to go into the art of creating great headlines… Because that could be a lifetime of study. But, I will give you a basic formula to create effective headlines.
It goes something like this.
Get (benefit) without (pain)
You want to state the benefit you offer, then state the pain point your product alleviates.
Example: Create The Home Of Your Dreams Without Going Over Your Budget!
Write 10-15 different headlines. Then show them to people and see what resonates. You can also split test different headlines too if you’ve got a landing page software. Then you can see which headline converts better.

Insert Testimonials On Your Page

“Don’t tell them how great you are. Your clients should tell them how great you are.” – Matt Thibeau
Testimonials and other forms of 3rd party validation are vital for advertising success. Your prospects have to trust you.
People want to know other people who have had a good experience working with you. Especially if they’re of a reputable source or have perceived status in the marketplace. I recommend you display 3-4 solid testimonials on your landing page.
Now, it’s important to note… When it comes to testimonials, you have 3 different options:
· Written testimonial
· Written testimonial + picture
· Video testimonial
If you can get a video testimonial from your client, do it. The more senses you activate, the more persuasive and alive the testimonial becomes. If you can’t get a video, include a picture in their testimonial. Bolden the text of the main result in the testimonial. This adds to the visual element.
Endorsements are also very effective. This could be an endorsement from an influencer or an organization. Either way, display these on your page. It will increase your credibility, influence, and trust.

Include A Call To Action

Many people screw this one up… Especially design or branding agencies!
On your landing page, it’s critical you command your prospect to act on something. Whether it be to request a free quote, download a brochure, or book a consultation.
If you don’t, they’re more than likely to leave your page without doing anything.
This is your call to action.
Now, you want to make sure your call to action is a strong one, and not weak. Many people make the mistake of using weak language in their ads… Using passive language patterns like, “feel free to do XYZ”.
Don’t do that. Instead, model these call to actions:
· Request Your Free Quote Today
· Call Now
· Download Your 100% Free, No-Obligation Brochure
· And so on…
Remember, your call to action should be very clear. Command them to act. Otherwise, they won’t do it. Make it easy for them to get in touch with you. Don’t burry your phone number or email at the bottom of the page.
As for the fashion in which you do the call to action, include a button to click. It catches the eye. Make use of bright colors like green, red, or yellow on the button too. This gets even more attention!
And there you have it. 4 tips to make your landing page convert more leads.
If you follow these tips, you’re likely to see much better results with your advertising. Happy I could help you. Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog.
To your success,
Matt Thibeau, CEO of Savant Marketing Agency
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