Matt Thibeau
Matt ThibeauCEO & Founder

5 years ago, Matt Thibeau had the vision to help Flooring, Remodelling, and Home Improvement contractors grow their business effectively using digital advertising.

Dissatisfied with generic agencies that produce little results, Matt made the commitment to master the art of online marketing, and help clients succeed online.

After achieving great success for multiple renovation companies, Matt realized there was a method to his madness. So he decided to go all in, and specialize in the home improvement industry exclusively.

His proprietary formula is called The 7 Step Marketing Method™.

Since then, Savant Marketing Agency has grown to more than just a one-man show. We continue to serve the top Home Improvement companies across Canada and US.

Our Values

Integrity – We will always be 100% honest and transparent with you about the results you’re getting, where your money is going, and what we can and cannot deliver on for you. That’s why currently, we turn away more clients than we take on!

Accountability – We never play the blame game. We take full accountability for our actions, and always strive to make things right with you!

Value – We have no interest in forcing you to do business with us. That’s why we don’t believe in long-term contracts, and we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Our goal is always to deliver at least a 3X ROI or more on every dollar you invest!

Excellence – Everyday we seek to learn more. We are committed to ongoing education in our field, and mastery. This ensures you get the edge of the industries best practices and latest technology!

Communication – We know you value responsive service. For that reason, we keep a close line of communication with you. Also, your inquires, questions, and concerns will always be answered as soon as possible. You matter to us!

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