Ever wonder why you’re not getting as many leads as you’d like for your residential contracting business? If so, check this out… You’re going to like it.


As many of you know, we help contractors get more qualified leads. And after doing this for 4 years… We’ve seen some common patterns.


So in this post, I’m going to share the 3 main roadblocks we see come up again and again for countless contractors… Stopping them from breaking that 250k, 500k and even 1m/year mark.


Ready? Here we go…


Reason #1: You’re Speaking Chinese.


Haha, not actually Chinese. But you’re speaking a different language. Let me explain…


The other day I was on the phone with a mason.


He told me about how he’s trying to attract more residential jobs in his advertising.


Well, after some digging on our strategy call… He mentioned most of his residential sales are Chimney Repairs… Yet he’s been advertising himself as “Masonry Services”.


Truth is… Just by marketing yourself that way, you’ve already lost about 50% of potential buyers in the residential market.


Here’s why:


Most homeowners aren’t going to type in “masonry services” into Google or Houzz…


They’re going to type in “Chimney Repair” or something else along those lines, right?


So because of that, you should advertise yourself as a chimney repair expert. Not masonry services.


Does this make sense?


And this applies to many different types of work… Take carpentry for example.


That’s another craft that consumers might not necessarily search for… But can be presented in another way to suit the residential market better.


Something more consumable for the masses… Like deck, fence, or gazebo building for example!


So avoid using contractor lingo. If you want more residential leads, you’ve got to change the message to match their language first.


Reason #2: You’re Too Generalized.


Too often, even though you think you’re a specialist, you’re still a generalist.


For example… Kitchens, Bathroom, and Basement Renovations isn’t a specialty. That’s still extremely broad from a marketing perspective.


I mean… There are companies that ONLY do basement renovations. Nothing else. So that’s what you’re competing against when you advertise.


So what you do is this:


Look at the service that’s making up most of the sales volume for you right now. If say, Bathroom Renovations are bringing in most of your sales… Focus on that in your advertising.


“But Matt, I don’t want to turn away other work. I don’t want to OVER specialize.”


I agree with you… And I’m not suggesting shutting down your other services. Far from it. In fact, if other opportunities come along… Go for it (especially with COVID-19).


But when it comes to your ADVERTISING… Focus on a specific slice of your business to present to the prospect.


If you do this, you’ll laser attract your ideal clients to you like a moth to a flame. Plus, it also makes targeting your Google and Social Media ads a lot easier and cheaper too.


Give it a shot!


Reason #3: You’re Attracting The Wrong Buyers.


No one likes dealing with tire kickers or price shoppers. Yet for some reason, you always seem to attract them. Why is that?


It’s because of a couple of things. The first is your offers. Are you constantly offering big discounts to bring in new business? If so, don’t do that.


You’re basically waving a big sign around that says your rates are negotiable…


Next, look at your distribution channel. Websites like Kijiji and Craigslist are notorious for attracting price shoppers. And that’s because the only people searching on those sites are looking for a deal.


You’ve got to use a channel that taps into an audience that doesn’t buy only based on price. Maybe it’s Google you decide to use. Maybe it’s social media…


Whatever it is, you need a reliable channel you can tap into which provides quality leads willing to pay the rates you charge.


And I’m not saying online is the only distribution channel you can choose from by the way. Far from it… If flyers are a reliable method for you to bring in qualified leads, keep doing it.


Run those ads until you’ve got it working for you like a well-oiled piston. Then add another distribution channel to source more leads… Just make sure you master 1 first.


So there you have it. Those are the 3 big ones we see come up again and again.


Pretty easy to make these changes too… But they can have a massive impact on your business and bottom line (if done well).


I hope you found this stuff helpful and let me know what you think below.




Matt Thibeau


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