If you’re a flooring, renovations, or home improvement contractor and you’re not (for whatever reason) using Google Ads… You’re seriously missing out!
But there’s a difference between throwing up an ad and hoping for the best… And being set up for success.
So today, I’m going to share with you 3 common mistakes contractors and marketers make… And how you can avoid them!

Mistake #1: Not Setting up Conversion Tracking

This might sound like a small detail, but it’s not…
If you just run ads to your website without setting up conversion tracking… You might as well start lighting $100 bills on fire.
Conversion tracking allows you to know which keywords, ads, extensions, and landing pages are converting best… Without relying on just your gut feeling.
But also, conversion tracking gives you the advantage of Google’s incredible AI on your side… Which will find more qualified prospects similar to the ones you’ve already gotten.
Then, once Google understands the type of leads you’re looking for… You can start to lower your cost per lead using various bidding strategies.
In the end, you’ll not only know your numbers better and where people are coming from… You’ll be getting much better results, for a lot less.

Mistake #2: Using Google’s ‘Smart Campaigns’

Smart campaigns are basically a simplified version of the Google Ads interface. It generates keywords, ads, and extensions on your behalf using Google’s AI technology.
They’re kind of like using training wheels on a bicycle… Except for ads.
Now, while I do trust Google’s AI to find more leads as I’ve already generated… I do not trust them to create, launch, and manage our campaigns.
Especially if we want them to be profitable!
Here’s why:
1) Google isn’t paid when you get a lead. They’re paid when someone clicks your ad. That means they’re incentivized to make you pay more for ads… not less!
2) Google’s AI generates their ads based on other ads in your industry. That means your ad looks like everyone else’s and gets little to no results.
3) Google will pick popular keywords for you, but not always profitable ones. More insight is needed by using an SEM software tool like SE Ranking or SEM Rush. Otherwise, you’re going to be bidding on keywords that could be way off track with your campaign goals and budget.
Stick to expert mode.

Mistake #3: Generic Ad Groups, Keywords, and Ads

When it comes to Google Ads, specificity matters.
Lots of contractors try ‘stuffing’ in as many keywords as they can into one ad group for one campaign.
They think by doing this, they’ll have a better chance of attracting new leads for their business.
However, the opposite is actually true.
Be as specific as you can in your ads, ad groups, and keywords for each campaign.
You must use only one ad group per cluster of 1-5 related keywords. Keep it simple, but relatable to your chosen theme…
Example: Your first ad group might be called ‘Basement Renovations.’ Inside, you’ll have a couple of keywords like basement reno, basement contractor Toronto… etc.
Another ad group might be called ‘Hardwood Floor Refinishing.’ Inside that group, you’ll have keywords like floor refinishing, and so on.
Finally, make each ad specific to that ad group. If your ad group is for flooring, and the keywords inside it are for flooring… Make your ad mention flooring.
Repeat this process for as many different niches of your service you choose to target.
And there you have it… The 3 most common mistakes contractors and marketers make with Google Ads.
Hopefully, now you can avoid these costly mistakes and make some better decisions to grow.
Matt Thibeau
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