If you want to create a successful Google Ads campaign… you must understand the strategy and psychology behind picking quality keywords.
Sadly, most contractors rely only on their gut feeling when it comes to keyword selection… but that’s a very poor (and expensive) way to go about it.
Instead, every keyword you choose to bid on should be based on the following criteria:
1. Cost per click
2. Search volume
3. Buyer intention
4. Competition
… And the only way you’re going to find out the information above is by doing your research.
To do this, you will need to invest in a search engine marketing software like SEM Rush or SE Ranking.
Consider these tools a small investment into creating profitable advertising on Google.
Okay… Now that you’ve got the right tools for the job… let’s talk about what to look for when it comes to the first criteria:
Cost Per Click
Cost per click (CPC) is how much you’re charged when someone clicks your ad. This will vary depending on your niche.
Some keywords will cost you $3 per click, while others can cost you up to $25 per click… So pick keywords you can afford to bid on according to your budget.
Understand that the lower your CPC is, the more leads you’ll get. So you want to select keywords that aren’t too expensive (which will eat up your budget.)
Search Volume
The keyword analysis tool you choose will be able to tell you which ones are high traffic (or not).
Pick keywords that have at least 1,000+ monthly searches according to SE Ranking. Anything less doesn’t get enough impressions to become profitable.
The higher the traffic, the better.
Buyer Intention
Not all keywords have the same buyer intention.
For example, the keyword “how to clean hardwood floors” is not associated with hiring a hardwood flooring contractor.
“Hardwood floor supplies” wouldn’t be either.
Yet, “Refinishing hardwood floors” would be great if you’re a hardwood floor refinisher.
Make sure you select keywords related to your service… and are associated with buying intention.
Last but not least… you must make sure the keywords you’re choosing aren’t oversaturated.
SE Ranking makes determining this very easy…
As you can see, keywords with a score of 60 or higher are difficult to compete in. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bid on these keywords, but you’re less likely to succeed with them.
For this reason, I recommend you try to select keywords under 60 if possible. You will rank higher in search engine results and get more leads without having to go into a bidding war.
And there you have it – how to pick winning keywords for your Google Ads campaign!
I hope this article brings to light some clarity in this area, and you can put it to good use in your campaigns.
Matt Thibeau
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