“And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!”

Said every mortgage broker, realtor, contractor, lawyer, accountant, coach, and consultant… EVER.

And let me guess… Crickets?

Thought so.

Wanna know how to actually get people to “reach out” from your promotions…

So you can never rely on just referrals again for more business?

I’ll tell you how in just a minute…

But first, I want you to picture both of these scenarios for a second:

Scenario #1:

You visit a friend’s house to hang out.

You sit down in their living room… And they tell you…

“Make yourself at home. You can help yourself to anything in the kitchen if you’re hungry too. I’ve got cookies on the counter.”

Okay, now picture scenario #2:

You visit that same friend’s house.

You sit down in their living room…

But this time, they come right up to you with a fresh plate of cookies and say:

“Help yourself to a cookie!”

Now, tell me…

In which scenario are you more likely to have a cookie?

Most people would say scenario #2.

But why is that?

Because at a young age, we’re programmed to NOT want to be a burden to people.

Our gut reaction is literally to say, “No thanks, I’m fine.”

But when someone offers something to us and makes it easy for us to claim it…

We almost feel bad if we DONT take them up on their offer.

So… Why are we talking about cookies and friends?

Because it’s the same thing in business.

If you want more people to contact you/respond to your promotions…

Stop making yourself “available” and start making offers that are easy for people to act on.

Don‘t say, “Feel free to reach out for more info.”

Say, “Claim your free brochure.”

Don‘t say, “Reach out for help.”

Say, “Book your free consultation today.”

Offers trump availability every time.

Hope this helps!

Matt Thibeau

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