Are you tired of losing jobs to someone else for $1000 cheaper?
Do you sometimes get frustrated with tire kickers and price shoppers?
Would you like to start increasing your fees and landing bigger jobs… So you can make more money?
If so, this article could be the single most profitable thing you read all year!
Here’s why:
Most contractors struggle with the issues raised above because they don’t have a USP.
What’s a USP you ask?
The term stands for Unique Selling Proposition… or Unique Sales Positioning.
Both mean the same thing:
Basically, a USP is something that makes your business different from everyone else… making prospects want to do business with YOU over your competition…
Due to some sort of perceived advantage or increased benefit, you deliver for them.
You see, when implemented, a USP can allow you to:
A) Charge much more for your service
B) Win more jobs over other contractors
Because here’s the truth: very few people make buying decisions based on price alone.
About 10% of the population to be exact!
The other 90% of people put the price in their decision equation… but are willing to spend more if it means a better outcome or benefit for them. 
In short, that means if you’ve got a strong USP, price no longer becomes an issue.
But how do you go about creating a strong USP?
And what’s a real-life example of putting this concept to work in your business? Well… A couple of years ago, we were sitting down with (one of our now) long-time clients…
Trying to come up with a USP for his interlock/hardscape business.
Initially, we tossed around all kinds of ideas… most of them were pretty bad.
Until finally… We asked the client…
“Who’s your supplier for the interlock stones you use?”
“***************” He answered.
“And is there any kind of warranty on those stones?” We asked again.
“Lifetime warranty” he answered.
“Wait—all your stones come with a lifetime warranty?” I asked.
“Yup, but every landscaper knows that. It’s nothing special.” He replied.
I knew we had found our USP.
You see, even though dozens upon dozens of his competitors use the same stone supplier as him…
NONE of them were advertising the fact their materials come with a lifetime warranty!
They were all advertising low prices… fighting over a small slice of the pie.
So, instead of focusing on price, we put all emphasis on the lifetime warranty and quality of the stones.
While they were fighting over crumbs, we went after the entire pie.
And within 6 months, our client was able to add an additional $250k to their bottom line…
All from our lifetime warranty campaign ALONE!
And guess what?
The ad still runs profitably to this day… Pulling in hundreds of leads per month without fail!
And even though some copycats have attempted to steal our promotion and use it for themselves…
Their ads just come across as desperate attempts to jump on the ship that’s already sailed.
Put this technology to work in your business. Make yourself stand out. When others zig, you should zag. And always look for the hidden treasure sitting right under your nose!
Matt Thibeau
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