Ever notice how most of the words on websites, social media pages, and brochures kind of sound all the same?
“On time and on budget.”
“Reliable service, guaranteed.”
“Providing the best quality, price, and service in town.”
Imagine if you actually took what everyone was claiming at face value… You’d think everyone was the best contractor in the world.
But you and I both know that’s not true, right?
You know most contractors say what everyone else says… or writes what they think sounds “professional”…
Just so they can fill up more white space.
But here’s the truth: Your customers see past that, and will NOT tolerate lies or be spoken to like a 3rd class citizen.
Maybe back in the early 2000s when there was less competition this could work… But today’s consumer is very sharp and highly skeptical.
It’s too easy to fake stuff online.
Doing things like:
– Using stock photos to promote your services…
– Showing reviews without the full name/picture of the client…
– Making guarantees without a “or else” type promise…
… Are all tip-offs you’re not being 100% honest with them… And this dramatically affects your marketing campaign results.
They’ll think to themselves, “there’s just not something quite right here…”
And that’s more than enough to get them to click exit, and never come back again.
Sound too good to be true?
Then test it out for yourself…
Start adding as many “proof assets” as you can to your landing pages, your website, your social media ads, and so on …
And I can virtually guarantee you’ll see an increase in response.
What are proof assets?
These are various forms of proof that what you are saying is actually true.
For example:
If you state that you’re Ottawa’s Top Rated Bathroom Renovations Expert…
You should put in the effort to make a case for your claim from a measurable standpoint.
Ask yourself…
“Do I have the most 5-Star reviews in the city?”
“Do we have the largest presence on all review platforms?”
“Is our ratio of negative to positive reviews the most positive out of everyone else?”
These will help you arrive at a non-biased perspective in all this.
From here, you can begin to build a case for yourself through the eyes of your prospect.
– Showcase review badges from websites like Houzz, BBB, Trusted Pros and more…
– Add some rave reviews you received from clients too…
– Include a picture of an award you received this year as one of the top contractors in your city…
… These are all proof assets you can display to defend the claims you are making.
I’ll give you another example just so I can really drive this point home for you:
If you state, “We provide the best quality products on the market…”
You might want to consider backing up that claim by providing the prospect with:
– A detailed customer testimonial comparing an inferior product to yours…
– A lifetime warranty on all products (hey, you said they’re quality right?)…
– A stamp of approval from an authority or celebrity in your industry…
… These are just some ideas you can put to work in your marketing to start to provide more proof to back up your claims.
Your challenge this week?
Start adding more proof to your marketing to back up what you say.
Don’t just tell them you’re the best.
SHOW them you’re the best…
Using proof.
Anyways… Gotta run!
Matt “Proof Marketing” Thibeau
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