True story:

There’s a local perogies shop here in Ottawa just around the corner from where I live.

It’s a pretty small place, and unassuming from the outside.

And despite my love for perogies, I must admit, I’ve never even considered buying from them…

Until now.

Recently, the shop started getting a flood of negative reviews on social media.

Facebook… Google… You name it.

Virtually all channels started getting bombarded by negative reviews from alleged “customers.”

But something smelt fishy about these reviews…

Almost all came from outside of the country. Not even local to Ottawa.

Plus, nearly all the reviews appeared to be written by the same person… Using poor grammar and vague, cryptic language.

Well, as you could imagine, the negative reviews took a toll on the business… Turning new customers away with their 1-Star rating on Facebook.

It was a sad situation.

So, in a desperate attempt to save their business… the shop owners took to social media to tell their side of the story.

They explained the reviews were fake, and written by an associate they got in a fight with… Who’s attempting to destroy their reputation online.

Some people were skeptical of their story… many were also quick to judge.

But the overwhelming majority responded with immense support.

And what happened next, shocked everyone.

News channels like CTV, CityNews Ottawa, and even Yahoo Finance jumped to cover the story…

Catapulting this small business into the spotlight!

Hundreds of locals started leaving positive reviews on Facebook and Google… While buying up as many perogies as they could.

Incredibly, despite the perp continuing to slash their business with negative reviews…

The shop is doing better than ever.

In fact, the shop recently put out a statement on their website;

“Due to recent events and the incredible support from our community, we are experiencing a higher volume of order than usual.”

They’re so busy right now, they can’t keep up with the demand.


So, what actually happened here?

I mean… How does a small perogie shop tucked away in a suburban street corner…

During a provincial LOCKDOWN…

Blowup on social media, and sell out of product daily?!


Where attention goes, money flows.

In today’s world, attention is currency.

Especially if you’re a business owner!

You can be the best quality product or service in town, but if nobody knows your name, you’re as good as sunk!

You need more attention.

I’m not saying you should involve yourself in a scandal, but some more publicity wouldn’t do you harm.

Think mainstream media outlets… magazines… blogs… and more.

Good publicity, bad publicity, it’s still attention on you.

I think that’s the lesson we’ve learned here today from these amazing business owners.


Matt Thibeau

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