Growing a successful contracting business in 2021 isn’t easy. There’s plenty of competition out there, and homeowners are more jaded than ever.
And even if you’re busy right now, you might have some problems in your business you aren’t even aware of…
Do you sometimes struggle with?
1) Price resistance from clients
2) Lack of qualified leads
3) Project delays
If so, there’s a good chance your business is suffering from a common, but deadly error in the industry…
And that error is being a generalist.
You see… Being a generalist is one of the hardest ways to charge higher fees, attract qualified leads, and grow your business.
You’re always negotiating price…
You’re constantly dealing with tire kickers…
And you’re forever playing ‘catch up’ on jobs that sounded like easy profits… but turned into an endless money pit of despair.
Some contractors might tell you these issues are just part of the game… but they’re not.
They’re a symptom of being spread too thin… and can easily be avoided with 1 simple solution:
Niche down your services.
This means to focus all your marketing and business development on 1-2 services you offer… that provide the MOST profit and least amount of headaches.
The reason niching works so well to combat the issues stated above are that:
1) You can charge more than generalists. Specialists offer more value than a generalist. When you attempt to be a jack of all trades, you essentially become a glorified handyman… and so you get paid like one.
Focus your efforts on getting really good at one specific thing. This reduces price resistance… and allows you to charge higher fees than your competition.
2) Your messaging laser attracts perfect clients. When you tell people “we do it all” you’re basically saying, “we do nothing.” The key to creating a magnetic marketing message is to be specific.
A specific service, to a specific market, with a specific offer. This is what attracts qualified leads.
3) You reduce complexity/variables in your business. Different types of jobs need a different set of skills and protocols. They also introduce different problems (which waste precious time and create delays.)
Niching allows you to become more efficient in systems and processes. This increases your output, and your ability to scale.
Now, over time you can begin to add more services to your roster.
But in the beginning, attack one service at a time so you can dominate that sector… then move on to the next.
Too many contractors try to gobble up the entire marketplace at once and as a result… have little to show for it (except burning themselves out.)
Give this a shot.
Or at the very least, cut away those services that are eating your time… and costing you money.
You’ll thank me later!
Matt Thibeau
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